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Discover the ecological and economic benefits of trees with just a click of the mouse, thanks to a free online application from the Arbor Day Foundation. Developed by the Davey Tree Expert Company and Casey Trees, the National Tree Benefits Calculator is located at 

The calculator can help you plant the right tree in the right place – and determine the financial, environmental and health benefits of new or existing trees. All you have to do is type in the species of tree and the diameter of its trunk and press enter. You’ll then receive a detailed report about the benefits of your tree. 

For example, a Silver Maple with a 10-inch-diameter trunk planted at a single-family residence in central Iowa provides $101 in energy savings, property value, air quality and more every year according to the calculator. If the tree is properly cared for and grows to a 15-inch-diameter trunk, the calculator estimates the tree then will provide $171 in annual benefits. 

“For the first time, individual homeowners, school children or anyone with an interest in trees can easily access ongoing research that quantifies how trees improve the environment and our lives,” says Scott Maco, ecosystem services manager for the Davey Tree Expert Company. “The National Tree Benefit Calculator helps them to better understand how the simple act of planting or maintaining a tree can mitigate your carbon footprint, improve the air we breathe or save you money on your energy bill.”

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