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As with all LED lightbulbs, the cost of replacement LED downlight kits has fallen dramatically – from $50 or more a couple of years ago to less than half of that amount now. So, if you’re still using energy-wasting incandescent floodlights or spotlights – and your recessed ceiling fixtures are aging and turning yellowish-brown – now’s a great time to replace them.

Several manufacturers make LED replacement kits for 4- and 6-inch recessed fixtures. For the greatest versatility, choose a unit that’s dimmable and provides the most lumens. Also note that you may have to swap your old dimmer for a new one that’s specially designed for use with LEDs.

Installing the LED kit is almost as easy as screwing in a lightbulb – and only will take you a few minutes. Be sure to turn off the power at the breaker panel before you start!

Step 1: Remove the old trim and unscrew the incandescent bulb. If the socket is attached to a bracket, mounting plate or reflector, you’ll have to remove that first.

Step 2: Following the directions that came with the kit, measure to make sure the new unit will fit properly. Then screw the adapter wire for the new light into the socket.

Step 3: Plug the wire into the LED unit. Carefully push the excess wire into the housing and squeeze together the torsion springs to fit them into brackets on each side of the housing.

Disclaimer: A reasonably competent home do-it-yourselfer should be able to complete this project in a relatively short time period. If you’re uncomfortable with the techniques mentioned here or the product manufacturer’s instructions, please contact a professional technician, licensed electrician or qualified contractor for assistance.

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