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If you think there’s a scammer on the other end of the line, just slam down the receiver. And keep these things in mind when you think you might be dealing with a scammer:

  • Your co-op would never contact a member by phone and ask for an account number. If someone calls you out-of-the-blue asking for sensitive information – numbers for your co-op account, Social Security, credit card or bank account – hang up and call the co-op to verify the call. Don’t use a phone number supplied by the possible scammer; look up the co-op’s number on a utility bill or the co-op's website.

  • Do not accept offers from anyone – including people claiming to be co-op employees – to pay your bill or provide any other service for a fee. 

  • If your account is delinquent, you will receive written notifications several weeks prior to disconnection – never just a single phone call threatening immediate disconnection.

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