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Safety is the foundation of providing members of Iowa’s electric cooperatives with affordable, reliable and environmentally responsible power. The Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives’ (IAEC) Safety & Loss Control department manages safety training and general work procedures across Iowa. 

Recently, IAEC worked with Central Iowa Power Cooperative’s (CIPCO) Creston transmission line crew and Rex Butler, CIPCO’s manager of environmental and safety, to practice rubber glove training on power equipment.

“Because transmission lines are a higher voltage than the distribution lines delivering power directly to co-op members’ properties, this was an excellent opportunity for Creston’s linemen to train for live wire work, says John Dvorak, IAEC’s director of safety and loss control. 

“We had this training so the linemen would know how to apply cover-up material on the lines. The exercise allows them to practice working above the line or stringing wire safely around the energized conductors.”

Dvorak and Scott Meinecke, one of IAEC’s job training and safety instructors, conducted the training in late August at the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities in Ankeny.  

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