Sponsored by Iowa's electric cooperatives, this Web site can help you increase your home's comfort, safety and efficiency. You'll find energy-saving tips; information on making energy-smart choices for heating and cooling equipment, appliances and a wide variety of other electric products; and a list of installation and service contractors in your area.
Interactive site with game that helps kids analyze their home's energy efficiency; information on saving energy for adults too.

ENERGY STAR® Home Energy Yardstick
With a year's worth of utility bills in hand, calculate your home's energy efficiency in about five minutes.

ENERGY STAR® Change a Light Pledge
Pledge to change at least one lightbulb in your home with an ENERGY STAR® qualified one, and gain access to special offers from manufacturers of lighting equipment.

ENERGY STAR® Special Offer/Rebate Locator
Find special offers, credits or rebates on appliances, electronics, heating and cooling equipment and other qualified products from ENERGY STAR® partners.

ENERGY STAR® Refrigerator Retirement Savings Calculator
Time to replace your refrigerator — or get rid of the old one in your garage or basement? Find out how much energy it's wasting.

ENERGY STAR® New Homes Partner Locator
Locate home builders and developers who build ENERGY STAR® qualified new homes, electric co-ops that offer special incentives, home energy raters that can verify the energy efficiency of a home and lenders that offer energy-efficient mortgages.